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refund policy

This is the refund policy/return policy details of Internet Prachar.

First of all Internet Prachar is a company which is working in the field of service only so we don’t have any physical product. We only work on digital products/services.

Payment – We take payment by the customer from all possible payment options. But payment refund, if eligible, is made only through digital medium directly into the customer’s bank account.

Since we are engaged in the service sector, our refund policy depends on the size and time period of the service.

According to time –

 If the customer is not satisfied within 1/4 of the total time after the commencement of the service as specified in the agreement, he can claim a refund.

But if there is any payment made by them to third parties for the services requested by them, then in such case we will apply the refund policy of the third party on that amount. We will not be responsible for this.

*Additional charges will be payable by the customer in any case.

As per work size – If the payment made by the customer depends on the service of the work, then no refund can be claimed on completion of 30% work.

Refund Gateway – Refunds will always be refunded through the medium through which the payment has been made. If the size of the work is small and the customer makes the cash payment, the refund will be made on the bank details provided by him.

We are free to change these rules at any time.

All proceedings:-

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